Our Approach at the West Island Speech Clinic

Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists strives to provide professional, caring and personalized services to each and every client. As such, all children receive a comprehensive assessment. We also work hard to understand your concerns and priorities regarding your child. We then develop an individualized treatment and intervention plan for your child, providing goals to prioritize, as well as steps to help your child attain these goals.

Since the generalization of communication skills into environments outside of the therapy setting is key, our therapists work closely with our clients' families, in order to ensure optimal carry-over of therapy goals in the home. Parents are not just observers, but active participants in their child's daily progress.

The West Island Speech Clinic believes in a collaborative approach to treatment. Professionals from other settings, such as daycare or school, are often contacted to ensure a complete understanding of the child's difficulties, and also, to provide suggestions for speech and language stimulation. When a child is working with several different professionals, communication with the entire team is ensured so that a global view of the child's difficulties can be attained.

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